Follow the Red dotted line to the parking area.  Once in the parking area
please only park in the areas without numbers.

Below are written directions

1.    Drive East on Hwy 50 past the Stateline Casinos
2.    Continue on Hwy 50 and across the next 3 lights
3.    About 200 yards past the third light you will
       see the sign for the Lake Village Development on
       your right.
4.    Turn right.  This is Lake Village Dr. Follow this road 
       as it goes to the right.
5.    After about 200 yards Lake Village Dr. turns left into 
       the development
6.    Follow this past Pyramid,  Tahoma Streets and some

7.    You will pass a Stop with a Dip and soon you will
       see Squaw Lane.

8.    Turn left onto Squaw Lane and proceed to parking
       area immediately ahead.

9.    Find a free unmarked space to park.
10.  Our townhouse is 168C clearly visible across the 
       parking area


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